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Why do I stay with him in spite of how he treats me?

Your girlfriends may have told you that the reason you date the wrong guys is because you have low self-esteem and you want to be treated poorly.  I don't believe people ever want to suffer.  I believe we do things because we get something positive from them, and I believe the same is true with dating relationships.  Of course we don't want to be hurt, but sometimes we are willing to accept pain in order to get certain positive things from the relationship.  These positive things (He tells me I'm special. I know he cares about me! He gives me affection. When I am with him I am not alone.) may encourage you to put up with lots of things you don't like.  

If this sounds like you, I can help.  I help my clients better understand their relationships and what they truly want for themselves.  Your good friends may be frustrated with you and telling you to break up.  I won't pass judgment or tell you what to do about your relationship.  I want to empower you to make informed and intentional choices about this relationship and help you gain a clear understanding of what you want for yourself.

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