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You’re tired of feeling so alone in your marriage. You’ve somehow drifted apart over the years, and the space between you is now filled with hurt and resentment. You want to stay married, but you also don’t want to live this way anymore.

I’m sure you’re asking, “With all that has happened between us, is it possible for us to be happy again?” The answer is, “Yes!”

I understand your skepticism. The problems in your marriage seem unsolvable. Maybe you and your spouse have turned into roommates and sex has become infrequent, as work and kids have taken time, attention, and energy away from your marriage. Maybe you and your spouse fight over-and-over about finances, sex, parenting, and each other’s family. Or maybe an affair has been discovered and you both are reeling from the aftermath.

I help clients create fulfilling marriages. I don’t do this by passively nodding my head and being a “good listener”. Instead, I do some detective work to uncover and point out issues I see that have caused the marriage to get off-track. Then, we talk about concrete strategies to deal with the problems, such as specific communication skills or strategies for managing personality differences. When an affair has occurred, I give practical tools and strategies to each spouse so they can work through the affair in a way that actually strengthens the marriage.

I consider myself a “marriage friendly therapist”, which means I am not neutral about your marriage. I believe most of the issues that result in divorce are solvable, and I’ll fight for your marriage until either one of you tells me to stop, at which time I will respect your decision. Marriage counseling requires that both spouses choose to work on the marriage. If you or your spouse is considering divorce, I offer a specialized form of counseling for this situation. Click here to learn more about Discernment Counseling.

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