Are drugs and alcohol causing problems in your life?  

If so, you may feel powerless to make changes.  You may have even been told that it is important to believe you are powerless in order to make changes.

In my practice, I take a different approach...

I believe that we are not powerless, and by learning and practicing new skills we can make the changes we choose to make.  

Maybe someone has told you that drugs and alcohol are causing problems for you.  Perhaps you don't believe them or are unsure if you want to make any changes?  Using Harm Reduction principles, my clients define their own goals, and I assist them to create a path toward those goals that works for them. This type of work is well-suited for people that are looking for alternatives to 12-step recovery approaches.    

I believe there are many paths to reduce negative consequences of drug and alcohol misuse.  I believe my job is to serve as a guide to help people make educated choices about what options are available to them, including an abstinence or moderation approach.  

If you are curious about ways to reduce the negative consequences of drugs and alcohol in your life, I encourage you to contact me.

To view various options for addiction support groups in Orange County (including non 12-step groups), click here.

This book is a great resource for those considering making changes to how they drink or use drugs:  Over the Influence

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