If you are wondering how stress affects police officers and how counseling could help, here is a great resource:
Rebuilding Officer Resiliency: A Treatment Guide


PoliceOne is a website that has a lot of great information for police officers, their families, and the entire law enforcement community.

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What does science say?               

Improve sleep and threat reaction time with these two breathing techniques
Every cop is looking for an edge — something that will make them a little better, a little more prepared.

How to train for and heal from psychological 'holes'
You have either been to a call or you are heading to the call in the future that will leave a hole in you...

Your brain on copstosterone: 4 Keys to a happier home life
The pressure of controlling your stress can make you distance yourself from your family...

Resolve to rise past the plateau in 2014
Unfulfilled promise can be a catalyst for professional burnout, especially when we feel that somewhere along the line we dropped the reins - make the effort to make changes...

Why police families must live like there's 'no tomorrow'
Many officers miss their children's recitals, plays, and ball games because of work, but there are no do overs in life - you have the opportunity now to decide how you spend your time, so choose wisely....

Stressed about the cop-killer commencement speaker? Try this...
I made the decision to use a stress management tool and take control of my emotional response.

How you can get more and better sleep off duty
There is no shortage of proof that police officers are working fatigued — evidenced by the sometimes fatal errors that occur as a result.

5 keys to supporting your law enforcement husband
In doing all of these things, we as wives can stand behind our officers and help hold their arms up in battle


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Here is a great webinar that talks about staying physically and emotionally safe and managing stress during a law enforcement career.  Register to view a rebroadcast.

Keeping the Police Family Well


Calibre Press

Calibre Press provides training for officers in various aspects of law enforcement.

Do mindfulness & meditation have a role to play in first response?

The negative effects of the daily grind might be much greater than most realize

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Mindfulness & First Response

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5 tips to make your marriage (& career) work

The Stress-Proof Career

Stress!!!  Understanding stress might save your life--or your career!

It’s time we understand, on a profound level, that stress kills

What is cynicism?  It's pervasive in law enforcement and it's deadly.

Present Moment Awareness